This unit is about the behavior of gases.  This is a very mathematical topic as practically all of the relationships we will study are described with a formula.  Gases behave much differently from liquids and solids.  While a molecule of water in ice is identical to a molecule of water in water vapor, the relative far distance between molecules in the gas phase gives water vapor a different set of qualities than we see in ice.

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IT - IsaacsTeach.  This is an online series of tutorials and guides to help with AP Chemistry Topics. They are very well done and align to our class quite well. 

MR - Mark Rosengarten.   This is similar to IsaacsTeach but covers some different topics.  These are often more entertaining than the usual science videos.

TT - Teacher Tools.  Teacher Tools is a set of reference materials, worksheets, and self-quizzes to assist in practice.

Q - Quizlet. This will be a link to a Quizlet on the topic.

Animation - A short clip usually under two minutes long.

PPT - This is an abbreviation for PowerPoint.  Some are originals and others are from other sources.

Podcasts - Podcasts are audio lectures on a topic. Practically all of them on this page are going to be original so it is a good way to reinforce a lecture.

PH - Resources with this code are from a previous textbook that I used.

A Short note about animations and videos.

There are several sources for a complete library of chemistry videos and animations.  For the tutorial videos, I have gone through many of the sources and have chosen two of them that I think are the best.   I looked for the ones that were the clearest, and most entertaining. 


General Information & Reference

 Vocabulary Notes for Gases
 Chapter Checklist for Gases
 Notes on Ideal Gas Laws
 Notes on Kinetic Energy
 Gas Law Formulas
 General Gas Law Notes

PowerPoints & Podcasts

I have several good PowerPoints on Gases and so I included them all.  There is a lot of duplicate information on them so be aware, but each has some points stressed that are not found on the others.  Over time, I hope to edit them out and condense them down. The ones that start with PH is from an alternate text and are presentations on specific units.  The topics are labeled.

 Main PPT on Gases
 PPT # 2
 PPT # 3
 PPT # 4
 PH PPT: Properties of Gases
 PH PPT: Gas Laws
 PH PPT: Ideal Gases
 PH PPT: Gases: Mixtures and Movements

Worksheets & Activities

 Worksheet: Pressure Conversions
 Worksheet: Boyle's Law # 1
 Worksheet: Boyle's / Charles # 1
 Worksheet: Charles' Law # 1
 Worksheet: Charles' Law # 2
 Worksheet: Combined Gas Law # 1
 Worksheet: Water Displacement # 1 Worksheet: Water Displacement # 2
 Worksheet: Ideal Gas Law # 1
 Worksheet: Ideal Gas Law # 2
 Worksheet: Ideal Gas Law # 3
 Worksheet: Ideal Gas Law # 4
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Laws # 1
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Laws # 1a
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Laws # 2
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Laws # 3
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Laws # 4
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Laws # 5
 Worksheet: Misc. Gas Law Review # 6
 Worksheet: Molar Volume # 1
 Worksheet: Weight of the Atmosphere 




Below are a series of animations for the unit.  I know some are a bit repetitive but they are all short and show the individual gas laws pretty well.  I am trying to include some entertaining ones as well.  I have labeled them FUN.  They are more entertaining but know that they are more for a diversion than a real study guide.

 Boyle's Law # 1
 Charles' Law # 1
 Boyle's Law # 2 Charles' Law # 2
 Boyle's Law # 3 Charles' Law # 3
 Graham's Law # 1
 Ideal Gas Law # 1
 Graham's Law # 2
 Ideal Gas Law # 2
 Kinetic Theory # 1
 States of Matter # 1
 Molecular Motion of a single particle
 Molecular Motion of Many Particles
 Effusion of a Gas # 1 
 FUN - Collapsing Can
 FUN - Liquid Nitrogen Press. v. Temp.


Movies are longer than animation and can be used as hearing a lecture again. While the animations were more to show the relationships, some of these movies are focused on actually solving problems that you will see.

 Video: Solving Boyle's and Charles' Law
 Video: Solving Combined Gas Law
 Video: Ideal Gas Law
 Video: Molar Volume
 Video: Graham's Law
 Video: Real v. Ideal Gases

Tutorials - IsaacTeach

 The Chemistry behind the NFL DeflateGate Controversy

Tutorials - Mark Rosengarten