Welcome to Physical Science.

For this year we will have a John Carroll intern.  Her name is Ms. Lokaj and she will be assisting in the class this year.

The course this year covers the following topics:

          Chemistry          Physics          Earth & Space Science       AND

Since most of the students in the class will be taking the OHIO OGT test this year, we will be spending a lot of time preparing for the test.

Ms. Lokaj and I fully expect that EVERY student will do well in the class this year and pass the class.

Also, we know that many of you will also pass the OHIO OGT test in March as long as you put in the time and the effort.

In order to use this website, you can bookmark this Physical Science home page.   Then use the pages to the left of this page to get to what you need. I will include copies of much of the work done in class throughout the year.

Use this website often.  You never know when I will put up some extra credit on it that I don't offer in class.


1.  Bring the following to class every day.

    Book       3 - ring binder      School Planner       Something to write with.

Also bring a great attitude toward class.  Not just a good one.    CLASS PARTICIPATION is an important part of the class and you want to get all the points you deserve.  Bringing your supplies and having a great and helpful attitude all the time is a great way to get 100 % for your participation grade.