The table below has a list of tutorials available.  They are arranged alphabetically.

 Acid - Base Titration Notes
 Acid - Base Reactions Notes
 Acid - Base Notes
 Atomic Structure Notes
 Balancing Redox Equations Notes
 Buffers Notes
 Calorimetry Notes
 Chemical Equilibrium Notes
 Colligative Properties Notes
 Collision Theory Notes
 Combustion and Decomposition Types of Reaction Notes
 Complexation Type of Reaction Notes
 Concentration of Solutions Notes
 Electrolysis Notes
 Electronic Structures Notes
 Heat of Reaction and Hess's Law Notes         CURRENT TOPIC
 Ideal Gas Law Notes
 Intermolecular Forces Notes
 Ionic Bonding Notes
 Kinetic Theory of Gases Notes
 Kinetics and Rate of Reaction Notes
 LeChatelier's Principal Notes
 Lewis Structures Notes
 Light and Energy Notes
 Molecular Orbital Theory Notes
 Moles and Mass Notes
 Nuclear Chemistry Notes
 Organic Isomerism Notes
 Organic Nomenclature Notes
 Organic Reactions Notes
 Oxidation Numbers Notes
 Periodic Table Notes
 Periodic Trends Notes
 Phase Diagrams and Raoult's Law Notes
 Precipitation Type of Reaction Notes
 Quantum Numbers Notes
 Rate Laws in Kinetics Notes
 Reaction Mechanisms Notes
 Redox Type of Reaction Notes
 Significant Figures Notes
 Solubility and Solubility Equilibrium (Ksp) Notes
 Stoichiometry Notes
 Strong Acids and Bases Notes
 Structure of the Atom Notes
 Thermochemistry Notes                    CURRENT TOPIC
 Thermodynamics: Laws Notes          
 Thermodynamics: Spontaneity and Free Energy Notes
 Valence Bond Theory Notes
 Voltaic Cells Notes
 Weak Acids and Bases Notes