`Dear Students and Parents,

Check out this page for trip information.

Let's see who checks out this page.

Next group meeting will be March 3 at 6:00 in room         D 104. Please plan on attending.

Welcome to our Costa Rica Trip Page.

Hockey Ticket Raffle

We will be starting our Hockey Ticket Raffle soon.  We still need someone with 5th and 6th period free (either study hall or lunch) to sell tickets at that time.  I appreciate all of your sacrifice to work 9th period each and every day but Mr. Marth and I will figure that one out.  You will be getting the work schedule soon.  If you wish to have some raffle tickets to sell on your own, come see me.

There is not a prize associated with this fundraiser but all the proceeds will go for trip functions.  There will be dozens of times where we can get a group snack like pizza or an entrance ticket to something so this will defray a bit of your spending money needed on the trip.

Abbey Fox was the winner of our Restaurant Card Fundraiser with a total of 23 sold.   She is the winner of a MOLESKINE Legendary Notebook to use as a Journal on the trip. This is the same high quality that your fearless leader; Mr. J. Scramling is going to use on the trip. It comes complete with a sewn in page marker and back flap pocket.  I highly recommend keeping a Journal of your trip.  I have already started mine.   

I have just completed making copies of the passports I have received. 
Bryan Goldstein is receiving 25 bonus points for being the only one who validated their passport by signing it.  Don't forget to USE PENCIL to fill out the contact information where it is asked for.  USE PEN for the signature.

In what city was the following photograph taken ?   5 extra points for the  name of the structure it was taken from ?  20 points if you accurately describe what I am doing in the photo.

Abbey Fox got the first two parts of the question right, but nobody has gotten what I am doing in the photo.  CLUE:  I am doing my best impersonation of an act that was done in that location thousands of time in ancient Rome.  SECOND CLUE:  Look carefully at my thumb, that is a clue.

Yes, that is me in the photo.  If I remember I will bring in my first passport and let you have a good laugh at it.

We have TWO winners because they answered within a minute of each other.

The correct answer was 84 F.
Bryan Goldstein and Alexandra Pollack. 2 new names on the leaderboard.


The photo library is started with a few photos that I have found. I have created a new page CR Photos.   Nothing special but something to get you thinking about the trip.  You can submit a photo(s) along with a line or two on why it should be included in the photo gallery and the best ones will get points.  Of course, this is subjective but they are my points and I can give them out however I want.


Anna Schaumburg       55 points    

Abigail Fox                 45 points 

Bryan Goldstein          35 points

Hannah Bloomberg      20 points 

Sarah Straub              20 points

Alex Pollack               10 points


Everyone else is tied for Seventh place with ZERO points.