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I try to link the quizlets on this website to make it easier.

Welcome to the Honors Chemistry Home Page.  You should check this site often along with your online grade to access class information and check your grade.

1st Semester: Top 10 Honors Chemistry Students

  First Quarter
 Second Quarter
 First Semester


Good luck to all as you try to climb up the Honors Chemistry Honor Roll.  Remember that the First Semester includes the Semester 1 Final Exam.

2nd Semester: Top 10 Honors Chemistry Students

  Third Quarter Fourth Quarter
 Second Semester


Ion Quiz Contest !!

At some point in the 1st quarter there will be a series of Ion Quizzes.   True, they are a bit of work, but you should see it as a chance to raise your grade, since there are extra credit possibilities.  Each class will have winners.  We will also try to have some fun with it to reduce some of the drudgery involved in memorizing ions.

We will be naming an Ion King and Ion Queen along with the Royal Court and Honored Nobility.


Our text book has some sites of interest.  Click here for the link to them.  Some of them are links to other pages that you can use for reference or tutorials for the chapter.    There is also a self-assessment that you can do and see how you are doing for the chapter.  These pages are for a similar book. The chapters don't always match up perfectly, but the topics are clear to follow.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Here are some general study skill tips that you can use to help your chemistry grade.

 Class Information for Hon. Chemistry 2015 - 2016
 10 ways of study that work
 A general guide for Chemistry students
 Common Mistakes to Avoid
 Follow the 4 steps to Problem Solving
 Put Headlines on your notes.
 Podcast - Writing up Lab Reports

If you wish to contact Mr. Scramling via email, click here.

CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS and AGENDA  (Subject to change)

Don't forget that there might be short homework quizzes to make sure that you are keeping up with new material.  They are short and a good way to up your grade !! 

Please make a note that I have highlighted things that are due to make it easier to keep track of things. 

Some Class Information:

Your binders will be collected on days of tests and will be grades as Homework/Classwork.

More responsibility will be on the student's part to be prepared for class, which includes studying the material.  Also, the following need to be brought to class everyday or Class Participation points will be deducted:  Calculator, Computer or Tablet, Pen/Pencil, Planner, Paper (your own - not borrowed), and of course your class binder.

PLEASE NOTE:  Check out the Chemistry Tutorials by Topic Page at the top of the website in addition to the videos etc..  The ones that are current to this topic are marked. I have also included them on the Unit grid at the bottom.

Note:  Larger Quizzes and Tests are marked in italics and underlined.  Other assignments are in italics.  Remember to expect smaller quizzes most days.

Day 1  -  August 24 (Monday)

Class Introduction.   Rules and Expectations.          You will get Ch. 1 Vocabulary Sheet      

Day 2  - August 26 (Wednesday)

Ch. 1 Vocabulary Quiz.    Start Ch. 1   

Day 3 -  August 30  (Sunday)

Start Ch. 2.   Scientific Method.  SI units    
       You will get Ch. 2 Vocabulary Sheet

Day 4 -  September 1  (Tuesday)

Vocabulary Quiz on Ch. 2    Scientific Measurement.
Using Scientific Notation.  Practice Sheets.

Day 5 - September 3  (Thursday)

Proportions.     Activity on Analyzing Data in class

Day 6 - September 7 (Monday) 

Review material for Unit 1 Test      

Day 7 -  September 9  (Wednesday)

Collect Binder and Homework

Unit 1 Test

Hand out Vocabulary Sheets for Ch. 3  

Day 8    

Day 9  
Day 10

Day 11   

Day 12   

Day 13