A very good site to know about is WEB ELEMENTS.  It contains a lot of information about the elements and is being expanded all the time.

Another great site is the Sheffield Chemdex.  It contains large resources for students and even has some links to university chemistry departments.

The site ABOUT:Chemistry has lots of information.  Make sure you check the toolbars at the left of the page.  That is where they organize the topics.

This site here is not quite as all-inclusive as some of the ones above, but it is written specifically for HS students and younger so it might be a place to go to first to see if they have the topic you need help on.  It is www.chem4kids.com

Jefferson Lab has some good tutorials about several chemistry topics that we will see in Chemistry this year.

Fun Based Learning is a website geared toward Chemistry and Algebra.  It has some especially good tools to help you balance equations.

ScienceGeek has many tutorials on all sorts of topics.


This site is an animated Periodic Chart which can assist you in seeing the relationships and patterns of the chart.


If you are in search of a project, you might want to consider the chemistry that goes into cleaning materials.  This link can help.  Thanks to Tess Mulaney for the email about this.  https://www.bbcleaningservice.com/office/chemistry-behind-cleaning.html