Unit 1 is an introduction into Chemistry.  We will look into how Chemistry is organized and learn some general ideas that will be used all year.  

The chapters for this unit are Chapters 1 and 2 in our book.

Table Code:  

IT - IsaacsTeach.  This is an online series of tutorials and guides to help with AP Chemistry Topics. They are very well done and align to our class quite well. 

MR - Mark Rosengarten.   This is similar to IsaacsTeach but covers some different topics.  These are often more entertaining than the usual science videos.

TT - Teacher Tools.  Teacher Tools is a set of reference materials, worksheets, and self-quizzes to assist in practice.

Q - Quizlet. This will be a link to a Quizlet on the topic.

Animation - A short clip usually under two minutes long.

PPT - This is an abbreviation for PowerPoint.  Some are originals and others are from other sources.

Podcasts - Podcasts are audio lectures on a topic. Practically all of them on this page are going to be original so it is a good way to reinforce a lecture.

PH - Resources with this code are from a previous textbook that I used.

A Short note about animations and videos.

There are several sources for a complete library of chemistry videos and animations.  For the tutorial videos, I have gone through many of the sources and have chosen two of them that I think are the best.   I looked for the ones that were the clearest, and most entertaining. 

An Introduction into Chemistry

General Information & Reference

 Unit Review and Checklist
 Vocabulary Notes: Introduction to Chemistry 1
 Vocabulary Notes: Introduction to Chemistry 2
 Vocabulary Notes: Measurement
 Scientific Method Reference
 Metric Prefixes Reference
 Significant Digits Reference

PowerPoints & Podcasts

 Chapter 1 PPT
 Chapter 2 PPT  Chemical Measurements
 Chapter 5 PPT
 Scientific Method
 Comparing a Compound and a Mixture
 How to calculate Percent Error

Worksheets & Activities

 PH SR 1a - Intro to Chemistry
 PH SR 1b - Chemistry Far and Wide
 PH SR 1c - Thinking Like Scientist
 PH SR 1d - Problem Solving
 Intro to Chemistry 1 - Guided Reading
 Intro to Chemistry 1 - Practice Problems
 PH SR 2a - Properties of Matter
 PH SR 2b - Mixtures
 PH SR 2c - Elements & Compounds
 PH SR 2d - Chemical Reactions
 Intro to Chemistry 2 - Guided Reading
 Intro to Chemistry 2 Practice Problems
 PH SR 5a - Measurement & Uncertainty
 PH SR 5b - SI Units
 PH SR 5c - Conversion Problems
 PH SR 5d - Density
 Measurement Guided Reading
 Measurement Practice Problems
 Density Worksheet # 1
 Density Worksheet # 2
 Metric System Worksheet # 1 
 Significant Digits Worksheet # 1
 Temperature Conv. Worksheet  # 1
 Activity: Nature of Science
 Lab: Sampling Exercise




 Scientific Method Animation # 1
 Density Animation # 1
 Density Practice Problems # 1
 Dimensional Analysis
 SI Units
 SI Units (Metric) Animation # 1
 Comparing a Compound and a Mixture



Tutorials - IssacTeach