This unit is a look at the relationships found in chemical reactions.  This is called stoichiometry.  We will look into how Chemistry is able to predict how much material is going to be created in a chemical reaction and  how much material is needed to create something in the lab according to the balanced equation.   Few other topics depends on the knowledge that you learned earlier.  Writing formulas, balancing equations, converting grams, molecules or liters into moles, are just some of the earlier topics covered that we will be seeing again.   

Table Code:  

IT - IsaacsTeach.  This is an online series of tutorials and guides to help with AP Chemistry Topics. They are very well done and align to our class quite well. 

MR - Mark Rosengarten.   This is similar to IsaacsTeach but covers some different topics.  These are often more entertaining than the usual science videos.

TT - Teacher Tools.  Teacher Tools is a set of reference materials, worksheets, and self-quizzes to assist in practice.

Q - Quizlet. This will be a link to a Quizlet on the topic.

Animation - A short clip usually under two minutes long.

PPT - This is an abbreviation for PowerPoint.  Some are originals and others are from other sources.

Podcasts - Podcasts are audio lectures on a topic. Practically all of them on this page are going to be original so it is a good way to reinforce a lecture.

PH - Resources with this code are from a previous textbook that I used.

A Short note about animations and videos.

There are several sources for a complete library of chemistry videos and animations.  For the tutorial videos, I have gone through many of the sources and have chosen two of them that I think are the best.   I looked for the ones that were the clearest, and most entertaining. 


General Information & Reference

 Vocabulary Notes
 TT - Stoichiometry Notes
 JS Notes on Stoichiometry

PowerPoints & Podcasts


Worksheets & Activities

 Stoichiometry Worksheet # 1
 Stoichiometry Worksheet # 1 KEY
 Stoichiometry Worksheet # 2
 Stoichiometry Worksheet # 3
 Stoichiometry Worksheet # 4
 Stoichiometry and % yield # 1







Tutorials - IsaacTeach


Tutorials - Mark Rosengarten


The End.

Day 1     Green Jan. 7 & Blue: Jan. 8

1.  Introduce Chapter 9: Stoichiometry
2.  Read Chapter 9.1 
3.  Answer Questions 1 to 4 in the back of the chapter.

Day 2     Green Jan. 9 & Blue Jan. 10   

1.  Lab 4 Preview
2.  Writing Assignment:  Practical application of Stoichiometry
3.  Hand out Vocabulary Sheet

Day 3     Green Jan. 13 & Blue Jan. 14   

Solved Stoichiometric Problems.  Section 1 & 2
2.  The importance of the mole ratio.
3.  How to handle problems when moles are not given.
4.  Questions 5 to 10 from the back of the chapter
5.  Vocabulary Quiz
6.  Hand out 3rd quarter slips

Day 4     Green Jan. 15 & Blue Jan. 16   

1.  Collect Blue Books
2.  Limiting Reactants in Stoichiometry Problems.
3.  Pass out HW Packet
4.  Lab 4 during the second half of the period

Day 5
     Green Jan. 17 & Blue Jan. 20   

1.  Complete Limiting Reactant Stoichiometry
2.  Percent Yield
3.  Review for Chapter Test

Day 6     Green Jan. 21 & Blue Jan. 22     

1.  Collect Blue Books: