Here is the information about the 2008 Cleveland Science Olympiad.

DATE:  February 23, 2012

WHERE:  Case Western Reserve Univ.  A Bus is provided

TIME:  We will leave at Korb at 8:00 AM and return about 3:30 PM at Korb 

OBJECTIVE:  To enjoy the day and get a chance to show what you know about science.



 Amphibians & Reptiles - Training Page
 Amphibians & Reptiles - Sample Questions
Amphibians & Reptiles Web Resources
 Amphibian & Reptiles - PowerPoint
 Amphibians & Reptiles - Notes # 1
 Amphibians & Reptiles  -Notes # 2
 Amphibians & Reptiles - Supervisors Guide


 Anatomy - Training
 Anatomy - Sample Questions
 Anatomy - Brain Anatomy
 Anatomy - How Alcohol Affects the Body
 Anatomy - Web Resources
 Anatomy - Actions of Alcohol on the Brain
 Anatomy - Eye Function
 Anatomy - Blood and Body Defenses I
 Anatomy - Event Supervisors Guide


 Cell Biology - Training
 Cell Biology - Introduction
 Cell Biology - Sample Questions 1
 Cell Biology - Sample Questions 2
 Cell Biology - Sample Questions 3
 Cell Biology - Web Resources
 Cell Biology - Sample Stations
 Cell Biology - Physiology Review
 Cell Biology - Genetics Science Learning Center 1
 Cell Biology - Genetics Science Learning Center 2

 Cell Biology - Genetics Science Learning Center 3

 Cell Biology - Supervisors Guide

Read over your event descriptions.  It is your responsibility to obtain any materials that you need for the events.  This includes calculators, reference materials, goggles, etc. If you need chemical solutions, then it is up to you to contact a teacher to obtain them well in advance of the competition.   IF YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO TAKE PART IN YOUR EVENT BECAUSE YOU DID NOT BRING REQUIRED MATERIALS, YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY EXTRA CREDIT.

We will use the basement of Tomlinson hall as our headquarters.  Personal items can be kept there as someone will be there at all times.   If you are interested in which items they will have there for you to purchase, you can view the MENU here.  Prices are not included in the menu.

You might have already received a MAP of CASE but if you haven't or need an extra you can download one here.   

You will have to get a field trip form signed and returned before you are able to attend. The forms will be handed out to you the week of Feb. 19.

Here is a SCHEDULE OF YOUR EVENTS.  Remember that you are not allowed to change events with someone on your own without contacting Mr. Scramling

If you need any reference material you can use the internet if you wish, but we do have some materials that you can use.   Simply ask your teacher.