Below is a list of podcasts that you might find useful.  Don't forget that you can hit the pause button and listen again to any part that you find difficult to understand or need more clarification.

 Acid Base Neutralization 1
 Acid Base Neutralization 2
 Atomic Structure Protons and Neutrons
 Density 1   
 Gas Laws  Charles' Law
 Gas Laws  Ideal Gas Law
 Gas Laws  Partial Pressure
 Metric Conversions 1      
 Metric Conversions 2       
 Molecular Shapes 1
 Nomenclature Ionic Compounds  
 Nuclear Decay 1
 Solutions Weight Volume
 Solutions Molarity
 Stoichiometry Moles to Grams
 Stoichiometry Simple Moles
 Saturday Trial 1
 Saturday Trial 2