The sites listed below are a collection from various classes and so are representing a number of different levels.  They are not listed in any particular order

1.   Astronomy for Kids

I ran across this site and it seems pretty good.  It would be a good          resource   for your projects.    It seems to have good information.

2.  ABOUT:Astronomy

There is a good chance that you started with this site and are already aware of it.  The site  is a pretty through look at the topics that we would cover this semester.  Make sure you look for the toolbars at the left of the page.

The ABOUT site has many different different topics not just about science.  There is one for the environment, geography, and geology.  Those links are here: 

ABOUT: Geology  

ABOUT: Geography   

ABOUT: Environment

3.   Home Science:  Backyard Astronomy

This site has a wide collection of topics and activities for both learning about space, but actually exploring the heavens.   If you are planning on learning more about Astronomy or want to start exploring on your own, this would be a good site to look at.   Thanks to Elliot Phillips for recommending this site for this list.


This site here is not quite as all-inclusive as some of the ones above, but it is written specifically for HS students and younger so it might be a place to go to first to see if they have the topic you need help on.  

5.      Astronomy 161

Here is a course syllabus from Ohio State.  It is well organized and thorough.  This will have more advanced discussion on topics than some of the other sites.

6.   Miscellaneous links

For the current event assignment, here are some links to assist you in your research about SPACE EXPLORATION.