The Periodic Chart is the most important tool that a chemist has.  It was invented by Dimitri Mendeleev, a Russian Chemist and Teacher around the 1870's.   The organization of the chart is amazing and with just a bit of practice, you will be able to use it all year to assist you with all types of chemistry.   

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IT - IsaacsTeach.  This is an online series of tutorials and guides to help with AP Chemistry Topics. They are very well done and align to our class quite well. 

MR - Mark Rosengarten.   This is similar to IsaacsTeach but covers some different topics.  These are often more entertaining than the usual science videos.

TT - Teacher Tools.  Teacher Tools is a set of reference materials, worksheets, and self-quizzes to assist in practice.

Q - Quizlet. This will be a link to a Quizlet on the topic.

Animation - A short clip usually under two minutes long.

PPT - This is an abbreviation for PowerPoint.  Some are originals and others are from other sources.

Podcasts - Podcasts are audio lectures on a topic. Practically all of them on this page are going to be original so it is a good way to reinforce a lecture.

PH - Resources with this code are from a previous textbook that I used.

A Short note about animations and videos.

There are several sources for a complete library of chemistry videos and animations.  For the tutorial videos, I have gone through many of the sources and have chosen two of them that I think are the best.   I looked for the ones that were the clearest, and most entertaining. 

Periodic Chart

General Information & Reference

 Unit Checklist
 Vocabulary Notes: Periodic Chart
 TT Notes on Periodic Trends
 TT Notes on the Periodic Table
 Various Periodic Charts on EXCEL
 Blank Periodic Chart 
 Interactive Periodic Chart - Great reference 
 Periodic Table of Electronegativities
 Reference Notes: Successive Ionization Energies

PowerPoints & Podcasts

 PPT - Periodic Table Long Version
 PPT - Periodic Table Introduction
 PPT - Trends of the Periodic Table
 Periodic Properties in Graphs
 PH PPT 6.1 Searching for an Organizing Principle
 PH PPT 6.2 Squares in the Periodic Table
 PH PPT 6.3 Trends in Atomic Size
 Podcast: History of the Periodic Chart         5.1        Script
 Podcast: Periodic Table and e- Configurations   5.2  Script
 Podcast: Periodic Trends                             5.3       Script

Worksheets & Activities

 Element Worksheet  # 1
 Element Symbols # 1
 Periodic Chart # 1
 Periodic Chart # 2
 TT Atomic Structures: Periodic Trends # 3            KEY         
 TT Atomic Structures: Periodic Trends # 4            KEY
 TT Atomic Structures: Periodic Trends # 5            KEY
 Successive Ionization Energy # 1


 Vocabulary Notes: Periodic Chart
 Periodic Chart Organization





Tutorials - IsaacTeach

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