Chapters 10 and 11 Materials: Liquids and Solids, Properties of Solutions

Chapter 10:  Liquids and Solids

General Information & Reference

 Chapter 10 Vocabulary Notes Chapter 10 Syllabus/Problem Set
 Chapter 10 Lecture Notes on WORD 
 Reference Notes: Phase Diagram Blank PDF Reference Notes: Phase Changes
 Reference Notes: Phase Diagram # 2 water Reference Notes: Phase Diagram # 3 Basic
 Reference Notes: Diagram for Unit Cell Calc. Reference Notes: Blank Phase Diagram
 Reference Notes: Intermolecular Forces TT 

PowerPoints & Podcasts

 Interactive PPT # 1 Zumdahl Chapter 10 PPT Lecture Notes ALT TEXT (BL)
 Interactive PPT # 1 ALT TEXT Interactive PPT # 2 ALT TEXT
 Interactive PPT # 3 Give it some thought Solved Problems PPT

 Chapter 10 PPT of illustrations a Chapter 10 PPT of illustrations b
 Chapter 10 PPT of illustrations c Chapter 10 PPT of illustrations d
 Chapter 10 PPT of illustrations e Chapter 10 PPT Image File ALT TEXT (BL)

Worksheets & Activities

 TT: Worksheet # 1 TT: Worksheet # 1 through Mozilla




 Animation: Closest Packing # 1 Animation: Closest Packing # 2
 Animation: Hydrogen Bonding # 1 Animation: Hydrogen Bonding in Water # 2
 Animation: Heating Curve # 1 Animation: Changes of State # 1
 Animation: Phase Diagram # 1 Animation: Phase Diagram # 2
 Animation: Vapor Pressure v. Temp. # 1 


 Video: Intermolecular Forces # 1 Video: Intermolecular Forces # 2
 Video: Unit Cell # 1 Video: Unit Cell # 2
 Video: 3D Look at Closest Packing Video: Vapor Pressure v. Boiling
 Video: Solving the Clausius Clapeyron Video: Reading a Phase Diagram

Tutorials - Bozeman Chemistry

 KA - States of Matter Introduction
 BOZ - Physical Properties
 KA - States of Matter Part 2
 BOZ - Physical Properties Slideshow
 KA - Specific Heat and Heating Curves
 BOZ - Animation: phet States of Matter
 KA - Solved Heating Curve Problem
 BOZ - London Forces
 KA - Phase Diagrams
 BOZ - London Forces Slideshow
 KA - Intermolecular Forces / Van der Waal Forces
 BOZ - Dipole Forces
 KA - Covalent Networks, Metallic, Ionic Crystals
 BOZ - Dipole Forces Slideshow
 KA - Vapor Pressure
 BOZ - Intermolecular Forces
 KA - Solved Change of State Problem
 BOZ - Intermolecular Forces Slideshow

Tutorials - Khan Academy


Chapter 11:  Properties of Solutions

 Chapter 11 Vocabulary Notes
 Chapter 11 Syllabus and Problem Set
 Chapter 11 PPT of illustrations A
 Chapter 11 PPT of illustrations B
 Chapter 11 PPT image file from ALT. TEXT 
 Chapter 11 Lecture Notes on WORD
 Interactive PPT # 1 ALT TEXT
 Interactive PPT # 2 ALT. TEXT
 Interactive PPT # 3  Give it some thought
 Solved Problems PPT
 Interactive PPT # 1  Zumdahl
 Chapter 11 Lecture Notes ALT TEXT
 Animation: Molarity
 Animation: BP Elevation
 Animation: Concentration of a solution
 Animation: Enthalpy of a solution
 Animation: Raoult's Law
 Animation: Boiling Point
 Animation: Dissociation of NaCl in Water
 Animation: Mol. Wt. using Osmotic Pressure
 Animation: Henry's Law
 Video: Nature of Solutions
 Video: Calc. of Molality
 Video: Calc. of Molarity and Percents 
 Video: Lake Nyos Tragedy
 Video: Lake Nyos Demonstration
 Video: Henry's Law Video: Raoult's Law and Colligative Prop.
 Video: Colligative Properties # 1
 Video: Colligative Properties # 2
 Video: Boiling Point Elevation
 Video: Freezing Point Depression
 KA - Suspensions, Colloids, and Solutions
 KA - Colligative Properties (BP & FP)
 KA - Solubility