Unit 9:  Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry

Chapter 16: Thermodynamics

Chapter 17: Electrochemistry

This unit contains two separate chapters with a little bit of a link connecting them.  Thermodynamics is the study of heat and the changes that take place in a chemical reaction concerning heat.  However, there are additional variables now as this is a more advanced topic as compared to our Chapter 6 look at Thermochemistry: Entropy and Free Energy.

Chapter 17 is about Electrochemistry and we learn that in many chemical reactions there is a small electric current which takes place.  Instinctively, we might have already suspected that as we know that batteries produce an electric current through a controlled chemical reaction.

This unit is very mathematical and is formula driven. If your algebra is good, then that will be a big help.

CODE:  BL - Alternate Text I use for resources.  It covers the same topics.

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Chapter 16: Thermodynamics

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Chapter 17: Electrochemistry

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 Balancing Redox in Acid Medium
 Balancing Redox in Basic Medium
 Electrochemistry: Half Reaction
 Formation of Ag Crystals
 Nernst Equation
 Oxidation Reduction # 1
 Oxidation Reduction # 2
 Parts of a Battery
 Prevention of Corrosion
 Redox Chemistry of Iron and Copper
 Standard Reduction Potentials
 Voltaic Cells: Anode Voltaic Cells: Cathode