Chapter 9 continues with the exploration of bonding.   

This unit focuses more on Covalent Bonding.  With some changes in the AP Curriculum, much of this chapter has been modified.  We will take a look at hybridization and molecular orbitals.   Up to this time we have looked at atomic orbitals ie. 1s    2p   etc.   However, when atoms start to combine with other atoms to make molecules, things start happening ! We will also explore another new topic in the AP Curriculum: Photoelectron Spectroscopy.

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KA - Khan Academy.  This is an online series of tutorials and guides to help with AP Chemistry Topics. Khan Academy is an initiative to give students tutorials in Chemistry and other disciplines.  These and items from Bozeman Chemistry will be used in class.

BZ - Bozeman Chemistry.   This is similar to Khan Academy but covers some different topics.  Most of the videos have supplementals at the bottom of each page such as PowerPoints etc.

IT - IsaacsTeach Videos.  This is also similar to Khan Academy videos, but with a little clearer presentation.

TT - Teacher Tools.  Teacher Tools is a set of reference materials, worksheets, and self-quizzes to assist in practice.

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PPT - This is an abbreviation for PowerPoint.  Some are originals and others are from other sources.

Podcasts - Podcasts are audio lectures on a topic. Practically all of them on this page are going to be original so it is a good way to reinforce a lecture.

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 Notes on Molecular Orbital Theory

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