Chapter 13 is about Equilibrium. 

Equilibrium is a more in depth look at chemical reactions and how the reaction occurs. 

Chapter 13 is the introductory chapter of the most important topic of the year.  The steps learned here will be vital when you take Chapter 14 and 15 which deal with Acid / Base Equilibrium and Solubility Constants.

Being able to set up the accepted technique in solving Equilibrium Problems is a key skill in doing well in this unit.

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Chapter 13: Chemical Equilibrium

General Information & References

 Vocabulary Notes - Equilibrium
 General Equilibrium Teacher Tools Notes
 General Equilibrium Notes
 Equilibrium Image File with Notes

PowerPoints & Podcasts

 Main Chapter PPT
 General Equilibrium Powerpoint
 Secondary Text PPT
 Interactive PPT # 1
 Interactive PPT # 2
 Equilbirium PPT - Give it some thought

Worksheets & Activities

 Equilibrium Worksheet 10 Problems                KEY
 Worksheet:  Keq Problem Series
 Worksheet: Equilibrium Problem




 Animation: Chemical Equilibrium
 Animation: LeChatelier's Prinicple
 Animation: Equilibrium Constant
 Animation: Temp. Dependence on Keq



Tutorials - Bozeman Chemistry


Tutorials - Khan Academy


IB Tutorials - Richard Thornley

 IB Equilibrium # 1 - Characteristics of Systems
 IB Equilibrium # 2 - Le Chatelier's Principle
 IB Equilibrium # 3 - Deriving Kc
 IB Equilibrium # 4 - Magnitude of Kc
 IB Equilibrium # 5 - Changing Keq Coefficients
 IB Equilibrium # 6 - Difference between Kc & Q
 IB Equilibrium # 7 - Effect of a Catalyst
 IB Equilibrium # 8 - Keq between liquid and vapor
 IB Equilibrium # 9 - Homogeneous Keq problems
 IB Equilibrium # 10 - Gibbs and Keq calculations