Central to the study of science is how to work with numbers. Much of what you learn in your math class was developed to solve science problems.  Therefore being able to express numbers accurately and correctly is crucial to the study of science.

In the table below are some tutorials that we will be using to learn how to handle numbers in class.  We are not changing anything that you have learned in your math classes, so don't worry.  We are just going to learn how to format things correctly, learn some important vocabulary concerning numbers, and focus on some of the more important ways we will deal with numbers.

Reference Sheets

 JS Metric Prefixes
 JS Proportions
 JS Scientific Method
 TT - Significant Digits
 IB - Experimental Data    Unit 11.1 and 11.2


 PH PPT - Measurement and Uncertainty
 PH PPT - SI Units
 PH PPT - Conversion Problems
 PH PPT - Intro. to Chemistry
 PH PPT - Chemistry Far and Wide
 PH PPT - Problem Solving
 PH PPT - Thinking Like a Scientist
 JS Scientific Method and Measurement
 JS Observation
 JS Introduction to Chemistry
 JS Measurement Notes


 JS Significant Digits
 PH PP Measurement
 PH PP Intro. to Chemistry

Labs & Activities

 POGIL - Significant Digits and Measurement
 POGIL - Significant Numbers and Zero
 POGIL - Organizing Data
 POGIL - Fundamentals of Experimental Design
 Sampling Activity                Grid              Ants
 Graphing Activity