Chapter 11 deals with properties of Solutions.   

A solution is when one material is dissolved in solutions.  This is an important state for materials, because most substances are not used in their pure state but mixed in solutions.  Most household and industrial products are used as solutions.  This included kitchen items such as vinegar.  Being in solution often allows the reactions to happen faster, therefore making them more beneficial.

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General Information & Reference

 Syllabus and Problem Set for Solutions
 Chapter Lecture Notes for Solutions
 Reference Notes on Concentration
 Reference Notes - Colligative Properties
 Reference Notes - Methods Used To Describe Concentration
 Reference Notes - Formulas Used in Solutions

PowerPoint & Podcasts

 Chapter 11 PowerPoint 
 PPT of Illustrations A for Solutions
 PPT of illustrations B for Solutions
 Interactive PowerPoint # 1  Solutions                 BL Text      
 Interactive PowerPoint # 2  Solutions                 BL Text       
 Interactive PowerPoint # 3  Solutions - Give It Some Thought
 Topic Summary: Lecture Notes
 Interactive PowerPoint # 1 - Solutions          Zumdahl Text
 Image File: Solutions                 Part 1               Part 2
 Secondary PowerPoint on Solutions BL Text
 PowerPoint of Solved Problems  BL Text

Worksheets & Activities

 Colligative Properties # 1
 Colligative Properties # 2
 Henry's Law # 1
 Raoult's law # 1


 Quizlet:  Vocabulary Notes
 Quizlet:  Molarity and Dilution


 Concentration of a Solution
 Dissolution of NaCl in Water
 Boiling Point
 Boiling Point Elevation
 Enthalpy of Solution
 Osmotic Pressure
 Henry's Law
 Solutions: Salt and Sugar



Tutorials: Bozeman Science

 Bozeman: Solutions

Tutorials:  Khan Academy

 Khan Academy:  Solutions                   Lecture Notes
 Khan Academy: Suspensions, Colloids, and Solutions
 Khan Academy: Boiling Pt. / Freezing Pt. Changes