Unit 1 is an introduction into Physics and we will study Chapters 1 and 3.  We will look into how Physics is organized and learn some general ideas that will be used all year.  Chapter 3 in this unit will be a look at how to solve mathematical problems which is a central concept in Physics.  This is an important topic as practically all of the relationships we will study are described with a formula. 

The chapters for this unit are Chapters 1 and 3  in our book.

Table Code:  Many of the animations for this course are taken from Kahn Academy which is a science based tutorial.   These will be coded by KH.  Another series that will be used is The Physics Classroom which will be coded PC.

An Introduction into Physics

Unit 1 Problem Set

Chapter 1 - The Science of Physics

General Information and Reference

 Scientific Method Reference Trig Identities Primer
 The Unit Circle

Power Points

 Chapter 1 Intro


 ePractice KH - Graphing lines
 ePractice KH - Functions and their graphs

Animations and Movies

 KH - Unit Conversion
 KH - Conversion between metric units
 Scientific Method
 Galileo and Free Falling Objects
 Accuracy v. Precision
 Calculating Percent Error
 KH - Graphs of Linear Equations
 KH - Graphs using slope Intercept Form



Chapter 3 - Two Dimensional Motion and Vectors

General Information and Reference

 Degree & Radian Circle
 What is a Radian ?
 The Unit Circle

Power Points

 Motion in 2 Dimensions # 1
 Motion in 2 Dimensions # 2


 ePractice KH - Trig Identities and Examples ePractice KH - Basic Trigonometry
 ePractice KH - Degrees to Radians
 ePractice KH - Radians to Degrees


 The REAL Vector 


 KH - Basic Trigonometry  KH - Trig Identities
 KH - Introduction to Radians
 KH - Converting Radians & Degrees
 KH - Radian Measure and Arc Length
 KH - Converting Degrees to Radians
 KH - Converting Radians to Degrees
 KH - More conversions
 KH - Visualizing Vectors in Two Dimensions
 KH - Ways to determine time in the air of an object.
 KH - Total displacement of a projectile
 KH - Final velocity of a projectile

Day 1     Green: Aug. 8

1.  Class Introduction and rules
2.  Get our Textbooks
3.  Start Chapter 1 reading

Day 2     Green Aug. 13   

1.  Basic Notes  Chapter 1
2.  A look at Graphing

Day 3     Green Aug. 15  

1.   Chapter 1 Overview
2.   Chapter 3 Preview
3.   Graphing Practice
4.   Problem Set Chapter 3  # 1
and 2

Day 4     Green Aug. 19  

1.  Trigonometry Review
2.  Problem Set Chapter 3 # 1 and 2

3.  Vector Practice

Day 5     Green Aug. 21  

1.  How to resolve Resultants - Adding Vectors

Day 6     Green Aug. 23    

1.   Graphing Vectors:  2 Vector and 3 Vector Resultants with Equilibrants

Day 7     Green Aug. 27  

1.  Force Table work from Aug. 23

Day 8   


Day 9   

 1.  Collect Unit Notes
2.  Unit Test

Day 10