Unit 2 is an introduction into Chemistry.  We will look into how Chemistry is organized and learn some general ideas that will be used all year.  Chapter 5 in this unit will be a look at how to solve mathematical problems which is a central concept in Chemistry.  This is an important topic as practically all of the relationships we will study are described with a formula. 

The chapters for this unit are Chapters 1, 2 and 5  in our book.

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PH - Prentice Hall, an earlier book I used and has a lot of resources.                  Animation - A short clip usually under two minutes long.

An Introduction into Chemistry

General Information and Reference


Power Points








Day 1     Green: Sept. 6

1.  Introduce Unit 2
2.  Hand out Vocabulary list
3.  Displacement definition - what to look for.

Day 2     Green Sept. 10   

1.  Velocity overview
2.  In class - Practice problems p. 44 from text to be put on board

Day 3     Green Sept. 12  

1.   Relating velocity to slope - MORE GRAPHING
2.   Hand back papers and tests
3.   Velocity packet to work on in teams.

Day 4     Green Sept. 16  

1.  Unit 2 Vocabulary Quiz
2.  Practice Problems 7-17 in class from end of section 2-1

3.  Individual Problem checking from above.
4.  Prepare for section 2-2 on acceleration

Day 5     Green Sept. 18  

1.  Acceleration overview: Definition and solved problems.  P. 51 Table 2-3 needs some clarification

2.  Practice 2B and 2C problems from p. 49 in text.  Make sure all 4 steps are shown in your work.   Blue books turned in at the end of the period.  

3.  Lab Introduction

Day 6     Green Sept. 23    

1.  Get problems returned from last time, we will be putting them on the board.
2.  Explain how we don't derive formulas.
Lab Exercise on Free Fall

Day 7
    Green Sept. 25  

1.  Falling Objects and Free Fall 
2.  How to diagram the problems and make it easy to choose a formula

Day 8     Green Sept. 27

1.  Falling Objects Practice Problems
2.  Review for Chapter 2 Test

Day 9     Green Oct. 1

1.  Chapter 2 Test

Day 10    Green Oct. 3

1.  Lab Due