Lab 17 deals with How Living Things Acquire Energy.   This can be a very broad topic since the processes of how an animal (or plant) get the energy to survive from its surroundings are very complex and varied.

At the core of all of this is the Law of Conservation on Energy.  This is without a doubt one of the big ideas in all of science.  All the machines that you use are an example of this law in action.  Much of the work that engineers do is transferring one type of energy to another.


 Types of Chemical Reactions
 Notes on Combination and Decomposition Reactions
 JS PPT  Mole # 1
 JS PPT   Heat of Reaction
 How a Bomb Calorimeter Works        VIDEO # 1
 How a Bomb Calorimeter Works           VIDEO # 2


 Types of Reactions # 1
 Types of Reactions # 2
 Types of Reactions # 3
 JS Significant Digits # 1
 JS Rounding Atomic Weights # 1
 JS Moles to Grams # 1                      
 JS Moles to Grams # 3
 IMAGE FILE:   Bomb Calorimeter
 IMAGE FILE:   Nutritional Labels
 Calorimetry Worksheet Answer Keys         Sheet # 1 Key     Sheet # 2 Key


 Determining the Calories in Food
 Mole Analogy
 Technique Lab # 3 - Handling Error in the Lab
 Food Label Analysis
 Template for Lab Write Up