Chapter 1 is titled Minerals of the Earth's Crust.  We will learn what a mineral is and how we can tell them apart.   Different minerals from in different ways.

Also, minerals are used all the time by all of us in everyday life.

An Introduction into Minerals

General Information and Reference

 Unit 1 Checklist
 Unit 1 Vocabulary List

Power Points

 Chapter 1: Minerals of the Earth's Crust
 Chapter 2: Rocks - Mineral Mixtures
 Chapter 3: The Rock and Fossil Record
 Chapter 4: Plate Tectonics
 Chapter 5: Earthquakes
 Chapter 6: Volcanoes


 Directed Reading - What is a mineral ?




 Surface and Underground Mining
 World's Largest Open Pit Mine
 Deepest Mines in the World

The End