Dear Students,    

The purpose of this website is to assist you in your course work. 

Remember that I am not a Computer Programmer or a Website Builder so it might take some time to put up everything that I want to include on the site.

Each course that I teach will have a page to look up information.

If you need to contact me, email me by clicking here.

What I would like to include on each page would be notes, reference pages, listing of assignments and more.  In addition, I will try to put up stuff of general interest that you might find interesting.

Remember that you can check out your grade online. 

Here are some general study guides that I have made up for students.  Hopefully you will find them useful.

10  Ways of Study that Work

How to prepare a graph.

How to use proportions.

How to plot a graph using Microsoft Excel.

.25" x .25" graph paper

Podcast - Writing Up Lab Reports

Periodic Chart

Ion King and Ion Queen HL 1

 Name # 1 # 2 # 3 # 4 # 5 Total